Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Light vs Darkness

I wonder if there really is
such a thing as seeing the light
An overarching sense of justice
simply telling us it’s alright

Are we just ultimately ruled
by kindness and all things nice
but wasn’t it just yesterday
I heard that lie uttered twice

Is there a true sense of love
that guides our everyday actions
Or do we just follow the dance
of such misguided infractions

Will we ever see the day
when love trumps all hate
but bitterness engulfs so sweetly
we again offer ourselves up as bait

Monday, 17 February 2014

Was it all just a game?

Looking back at life
I dare to ponder
what joys were had
& will be in the yonder

My tears are a river
brimming over the side
my heart in pieces
will my sadness abide

I believed in it all
Trusted you were the one
You lied & played me
till the day we were done

Did you ever have remorse
for the games you played
or was I just a pawn
in your sickening charade?

I want, I will.

I want to be happy
not to be sad
I want to be content
not to be agitated
I want to know peace
not inner turmoil
I want to be stable
not to be anarchical

I want to know joy
rather than pain
I want to know love
rather than heartbreak
I want to trust
rather than doubt
I want to believe
rather than question

I will be happy
I will be content
I will know peace
I will be stable

I will know joy
I will know love
I will trust
I will believe

Thursday, 18 April 2013


Try to write then don’t stop
make sure to keep going
Ensure it doesn’t all flop
The tides must be turning
You feel it in your bones
that forever yearning
Stay away from the drones
who poison your learning

Step out from that daze
who lethargy does taint
To then tame the maze
the future you did paint
The world at your feet
you can envision it all
Don’t miss a single beat
To then yield that call

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

What of love?

Then what of love
of whispers in the rain
that of fleeting romances
of believing in vain

That lovestruck feeling
the misgivings of lust
floating on that cloud
of unwavering trust

Then hand it over
your heart on a plate
the anticipation building
cruely robbed by fate

That gut-wrenching pain
springing from deep within
return to me dear misery
of which I am but akin

Friday, 14 September 2012

Darkness engulfs

I see the light
now bright as day
it falls to earth
squanders away

Wilt in the sand
seeds of dismay
just add water
flourish away

Darkness instills
seeping all through
all hope now lost
look back and rue

Colours to pass
just out of sight
stuck in our bliss
we lose the fight

Friday, 25 May 2012


For I’m sorry
that I cannot be
those little things
You expect of me

So watch to see
what it is I embark
will it then engulf
pull me into the dark

Then step away
further from fear
be willing to let go
in order to draw near

Look beyond it all
to trust that I know
believe what is true
my spirit will flow