Saturday, 11 February 2012

Sorrow & pain

Look up to the skies
for the answers you seek
Again that deep despise
your future so bleak

Feel that utter pain
let it burn in your chest
your cries are in vain
merely hoping for the best

Wonder if anyone listens
you fight for this day
watch as it glistens
whilst you wilt away

Bleed out the sorrow
your heart so black
slowly turn to tomorrow
then embark the same track


Who am I today
the question I pose
the answer will delay
submerged in this prose

Will the outlook be black
my spirit tainted
I fall through the crack
losing what I painted

Was I simply abandoned
traded in for another
it is all but saddened
I crawl back to my mother

When will it all end
I can't help but wonder
as I crash through this bend
happiness continues to ponder


Fight for this day
or simply wilt away

Cry out in vain
this unbearable pain

The hole within
which I am akin

This sorrowful mound
to you I am bound

Friday, 10 February 2012

Tuesday Blues

Sing the blues on this day

With the skies so grey

Oh horrendous Tuesday

My nemesis today

Boredom please lay

find my mind astray

Come dear Friday

Lead me away